Understanding Biocorrosion

Understanding Biocorrosion

By Turid Liengen


Biocorrosion refers to corrosion influenced by bacteria adhering to surfaces in biofilms. Biocorrosion is a major problem in areas such as cooling systems and marine structures where biofilms can develop. This book summarises key recent research in this subject. Part one looks at theories of biocorrosion and measurement techniques. Part two discusses how bacteria and biofilms result in biocorrosion. The final part of the book includes case studies of biocorrosion in areas as diverse as buildings, fuels, marine environments and cooling systems.

Key features

  • Provides a detailed overview of biocorrosion and the different scientific and/or industrial problems related to microbially induced corrosion
  • Introduces a variety of investigative techniques and methodologies that are employed in diagnosing and evaluating microbially induced corrosion
  • Includes case studies on: biodeterioration of building materials; biocorrosion issues associated with diesel and biofuels; marine biocorrosion; corrosion of open recirculating cooling water systems and cooling system components; the effect of H2S on steel corrosion


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