Concrete and Masonry Movements

Concrete and Masonry Movements

By Jeffrey Brooks

Widely used in the construction of bridges, dams and pavements, concrete and masonry are two of the world’s most utilized construction materials. However, many engineers lack a proper understanding of the methods for predicting and mitigating their movements within a structure. Concrete and Masonry Movements provides practical methods for predicting and preventing movement in concrete and masonry, saving time and money in retrofitting and repair cost. With this book in hand, engineers will discover new prediction models for masonry such as: irreversible moisture expansion of clay bricks, elasticity, creep and shrinkage. In addition, the book provides up-to-date information on the codes of practice.

  • Provides mathematical modelling tools for predicting movement in masonry
  • Up-to-date knowledge of codes of practice methods
  • Clearly explains the factors influencing all types of concrete and masonry movement
  • Fully worked out examples and set problems are included at the end of each chapter


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