Fundamentals of Air Pollution

Fundamentals of Air Pollution, 5th Edition

By Dr. Daniel A. Vallero Fundamentals of Air Pollution is an important and widely used textbook in the environmental science and engineering community. This thoroughly revised fifth edition of Fundamentals of… Read more »

rinking Water Security for Engineers

Drinking Water Security for Engineers, Planners, and Managers

By Ravi Jain Concise and readable, Drinking Water Security for Engineers, Planners and Managers provides an overview of issues including infrastructure planning, planning to evaluate vulnerabilities and potential threats, capital improvement planning,… Read more »

Understanding Biocorrosion

Understanding Biocorrosion

By Turid Liengen Description Biocorrosion refers to corrosion influenced by bacteria adhering to surfaces in biofilms. Biocorrosion is a major problem in areas such as cooling systems and marine structures where… Read more »

Structural and Stress Analysis

Structural and Stress Analysis, 2nd Edition

By T  Megson    Structural analysis is the corner stone of civil engineering and all students must obtain a thorough understanding of the techniques available to analyse and predict stress in… Read more »

Emergency Water Purification

Low Cost Emergency Water Purification Technologies

By Chittaranjan Ray, Ravi Jain Natural disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods are occurring with increasing frequency. In emergencies, pure drinking water is quickly the most important item. Low Cost Emergency Water… Read more »

Transport Properties of Concrete

Transport Properties of Concrete, 1st Edition

By P  Claisse    Transport Properties of Concrete covers how to measure the ability of ions and fluids to move through concrete material, and how to use the results to model… Read more »

Peter G. Nicholson

Soil Improvement and Ground Modification Methods

By Peter G. Nicholson Written by an author with more than 25 years of field and academic experience, Soil Improvement and Ground Modification Methods explains ground improvement technologies for converting marginal… Read more »

The Boundary Element Method for Plate Analysis

The Boundary Element Method for Plate Analysis

By John T. Katsikadelis Boundary Element Method for Plate Analysis offers one of the first systematic and detailed treatments of the application of BEM to plate analysis and design. Aiming to… Read more »

Nguyen Danh Thao

Coastal Disasters and Climate Change in Vietnam

By Nguyen Danh Thao Coastal Disasters and Climate Change in Vietnam is the first book to focus specifically on natural hazards and climate change in Vietnam. The book examines threats such as… Read more »

Accelerated Bridge Construction

Accelerated Bridge Construction: Best Practices and Techniques

By Mohiuddin Ali Khan The traveling public has no patience for prolonged, high cost construction projects. This puts highway construction contractors under intense pressure to minimize traffic disruptions and construction cost…. Read more »


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