Wind Loading of Structures, Third Edition

By John D. Holmes Overview A Definitive Up-to-Date Reference Wind forces from various types of extreme wind events continue to generate ever-increasing damage to buildings and other structures. Wind Loading… Read more »


Acoustics of Multi-Use Performing Arts Centers

By Mark Holden Overview Explores the Science and Practice Of Acoustics for Arts Centers Employing the experiences of a world-renowned acoustician celebrated for the successful design of multi-use performing arts… Read more »


Tubular Structures XV: Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Tubular Structures, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 27-29 May 2015

By Eduardo de Miranda Batista Overview Tubular Structures XV contains the latest scientific and engineering developments in the field of tubular structures, as presented at the 15th International Symposium on… Read more »


Drought: Research and Science-Policy Interfacing

By Joaquin Andreu Overview Yossi Sheffi is Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT and Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. He has worked with… Read more »


Rammed Earth Construction: Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth

By Daniela Ciancio Overview Rammed Earth Construction: Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth is a collection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the First International Conference on Rammed Earth… Read more »


Sealants in Construction, Second Edition / Edition 2

By Jerome Klosowski, Andreas T. Wolf Overview Revised Bestseller Offers Broad-Based Knowledge to a Wide Range of Technical Professionals The definitive guide to sealing operations in construction, this latest edition… Read more »


Seismic Retrofitting: Learning from Vernacular Architecture

By Mariana R. Correia Overview Local communities have adapted for centuries to challenging surroundings, resulting from unforeseen natural hazards. Vernacular architecture often reveals very intelligent responses attuned to the environment…. Read more »


Finite Element Mesh Generation

By Daniel S.H. Lo Overview Highlights the Progression of Meshing Technologies and Their Applications   Finite Element Mesh Generation provides a concise and comprehensive guide to the application of finite… Read more »


Water Wave Scattering

By Birendra Nath Mandal, Soumen De Overview The theory of water waves is most varied and is a fascinating topic. It includes a wide range of natural phenomena in oceans,… Read more »


Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting IV: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR-4), 5-7 October 2015, Leipzig, Germany

By Frank Dehn Overview The Fourth International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR 2015) was held 5-7 October 2015 in Leipzig, Germany. This conference is a collaborative venture… Read more »


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