Spatial Analysis Methods of Road Traffic Collisions

By Becky P. Y. Loo, Tessa Kate Anderson Overview Examine the Prevalence and Geography of Road Collisions Spatial Analysis Methods of Road Traffic Collisions centers on the geographical nature of… Read more »


Soil Liquefaction: A Critical State Approach, Second Edition

By Mike Jefferies, Ken Been Overview A Rigorous and Definitive Guide to Soil Liquefaction Soil liquefaction occurs when soil loses much of its strength or stiffness for a time—usually a… Read more »


Design Principles of Ships and Marine Structures

By Suresh Chandra Misra Overview The Definitive Reference for Designers and Design Students A solid grasp of the fundamentals of materials, along with a thorough understanding of load and design… Read more »


Power Engineering, Control and Information Technologies in Geotechnical Systems

By Genadiy Pivnyak Overview Efficient and rational use of energy is one of the main challenges at present to develop a sustainable society. Long-term economic growth is only possible with… Read more »


Ships and Offshore Structures XIX

By Carlos Guedes Soares Overview This three-volume work presents the proceedings from the 19th International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress held in Cascais, Portugal on 7th to 10th September 2015…. Read more »


Green Building with Concrete: Sustainable Design and Construction, Second Edition

By Gajanan M. Sabnis Overview Illustrates the Global Relevance of Sustainability Applicable to roads, bridges, and other elements of the infrastructure, Green Building with Concrete: Sustainable Design and Construction, Second… Read more »


Rock Engineering Risk

By John A. Hudson, Xia-Ting Feng Overview This book provides a new, necessary and valuable approach to the consideration of risk in underground engineering projects constructed within rock masses. There… Read more »


Unstructured Cellular Automata in Ecohydraulics Modelling

By Yuqing Lin Overview The field of ecohydraulics integrates hydrodynamic and eco-dynamic processes. While hydrodynamic processes are usually well described by partial differential equations (PDE’s) based on physical conservation principles,… Read more »


Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport

By Carlos Guedes Soares Overview Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport covers recent developments in marine technology and transport. The book brings together a selection of papers reflecting fundamental areas… Read more »


Railway Geotechnics

By Dingqing Li, James Hyslip, Ted Sussmann, Steven Chrismer Overview Links Geotechnics with Railway Track Engineering and Railway Operation Good railway track and railway operations depend on good geotechnics, in… Read more »


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