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Concrete Surface Engineering

By Benoit Bissonnette, Luc Courard, Andrzej Garbacz Overview Applying any material to an existing concrete surface intrinsically entails the development of a bond. Considering the ever increasing importance of concrete… Read more »


Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction: LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes

By Sam Kubba Overview Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction: LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes, Second Edition directly addresses the needs of building professionals interested in the evolving principles,… Read more »


Construction Engineering Design Calculations and Rules of Thumb

By Ruwan Abey Rajapakse Overview Construction Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb begins with a brief, but rigorous, introduction to the mathematics behind the equations that is followed by self-contained… Read more »


Sustainable Construction Materials: Copper Slag

By Ravindra K. Dhir OBE, Jorge de Brito, Raman Mangabhai, Chao Qun Lye Overview Sustainable Construction Materials: Copper Slag, as part of a series of five, the book aims to… Read more »


Design of Welded Steel Structures: Principles and Practice

By Utpal K. Ghosh Overview Design of Welded Steel Structures: Principles and Practice provides a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the design of welded steel structures…. Read more »


Design Principles and Analysis of Thin Concrete Shells, Domes and Folders

By Iakov Iskhakov, Yuri Ribakov Overview One of the main goals of a good and effective structural design is to decrease, as far as possible, the self-weight of structures, because… Read more »


Construction Delays: Extensions of Time and Prolongation Claims / Edition 1

By Roger Gibson Overview This book provides guidance on delay analysis, particularly in relation to extension of time submissions. It gives readers the information and practical details to be considered… Read more »


Eco-design for Buildings and Neighbourhoods

By Bruno Peuportier Overview A growing number of urban inhabitants are aware of pressing environmental concerns. This book aims to provide information about relevant environmental quality criteria in urban construction… Read more »


Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts / Edition 2

By P. John Keane, Anthony F. Caletka Overview The most significant unanticipated costs on many construction projects are the financial impacts associated with delay and disruption to the works. Assessing… Read more »


A Practical Guide to Disruption and Productivity Loss on Construction and Engineering Projects / Edition 1

By Roger Gibson, Anthony Edwards Overview Disruption of a construction project is of key concern to the contractor as any delay to the project will involve the contractor in financial… Read more »

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