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Quality in the constructed project a guide for owners 3e

Quality in the Constructed Project: A Guide for Owners, Designers, and Constructors, third edition, provides information and recommendations on principles and procedures that are effective in enhancing the quality of… Read more »

Mooring of Ships to Piers and Wharves

Mooring of Ships to Piers and Wharves

By¬†Mooring Analysis Task Committee, John W. Gaythwaite Mooring of Ships to Piers and Wharves provides guidelines for the determination of safe mooring design practices for vessels at fixed piers and… Read more »


Materials Modelling using Density Functional Theory: Properties and Predictions

By Feliciano Giustino Overview This book is an introduction to the quantum theory of materials and first-principles computational materials modelling. It explains how to use density functional theory as a… Read more »


Kitchen & Bath Design Presentation: Drawing, Plans, Digital Rendering

By Margaret Krohn, NKBA Overview The leading text on design communication, updated and expanded Kitchen and Bath Design Presentation is the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s complete guide to preparing… Read more »


Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts

By P. John Keane, Anthony F. Caletka Overview The most significant unanticipated costs on many construction projects are the financial impacts associated with delay and disruption to the works. Assessing… Read more »


Value Management of Construction Projects

By John Kelly, Steven Male, Drummond Graham Overview Value Management is a philosophy, set of principles and a structured management methodology for improving organisational decision-making and value-for-money. The second edition… Read more »


Water Efficiency in Buildings: Theory and Practice

By Kemi Adeyeye Overview This reference source on water efficiency in buildings provides comprehensive and up-to-date information. Both multi-disciplinary and practical, it signposts current knowledge, innovation, expertise and evidence on… Read more »


Barry’s Introduction to Construction of Buildings

By Stephen Emmitt Overview This new edition of Barry’s Introduction to Construction of Buildings adds considerable new material but remains based on the original concept of explaining construction technology through… Read more »


Pavement Materials for Heat Island Mitigation: Design and Management Strategies

By Hui Li Overview About 90 percent of this excessive heat is due to buildings and pavements that absorb and store solar heat (According to the Green Buildings Council). The… Read more »


Managing Change in Construction Projects: A Knowledge-Based Approach

By Sepani Senaratne, Martin Sexton Overview "Managing Change in Construction Projects: a knowledge-based approach" offers a new perspective on construction project change by viewing the process of change management as… Read more »

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