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Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Sustainable Design Methods for Architects

By Norbert Lechner Overview Sustainable environmental control through building design Heating, Cooling, and Lighting is the industry standardtext on environmental control systems with the emphasis onsustainable design. By detailing the… Read more »


Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings

By Jean-Christophe Hadorn Overview The combination of heat pumps and solar components is a recent development and has great potential for improving the energy efficiency of house and hot water… Read more »


Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings

By Walter T. Grondzik, Alison G. Kwok Overview The definitive guide to environmental control systems, updated with emerging technology and trends The Interactive Resource Center is an online learning environment… Read more »


Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

By Michael A. Ermann Overview Unite the science of sound and the principles of design to enhance any space Architectural Acoustics Illustrated translates the quantitative and qualitative content of acoustics… Read more »


Green Building Illustrated

By Francis D. K. Ching, Ian M. Shapiro Overview HOW TO TURN THE PROMISE OF SUSTAINABILITY INTO REALITY In the tradition of the bestselling classic Building Construction Illustrated, this new… Read more »


Building Construction Illustrated / Edition 5

By Francis D. K. Ching Overview The classic visual guide to core principles of building construction, now with a Companion Web Site Building Construction Illustrated is the go-to resource for… Read more »


Empathic Space: The Computation of Human-Centric Architecture AD

By Wiley Overview In recent years, questions of space have gained renewed momentum in architecture and urban design, as adaptation, densification and sustainable regeneration have become an increasing priority. While… Read more »


Context: Architecture and the Genius of Place

By Eric Parry Overview Demonstrates how a building’s setting should inform and inspire rather than constrain architectural design Context-Architecture and the Genius of Place is a highly engaging, informative discussion… Read more »


Sustainable Residential Interiors

By Annette Stelmack, Associates III, Kari Foster, Debbie Hindman Overview An illustrated guide to healthy, sustainable, and high-performing design methodologies "A great deal of expertise, hands-on experience, and thorough research… Read more »

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