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Structural Integrity and Durability of Advanced Composites: Innovative Modelling Methods and Intelligent Design

By Peter Beaumont Overview Structural Integrity and Durability of Advanced Composites: Innovative Modelling Methods and Intelligent Design presents scientific and technological research from leading composite materials scientists and engineers that… Read more »


Site Engineering for Landscape Architects / Edition 6

By Steven Strom, Kurt Nathan, Jake Woland Overview The Leading Guide To Site Design And Engineering— Revised And Updated Site Engineering for Landscape Architects is the top choice for site… Read more »


Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement

By Jie Han Overview Gain a stronger foundation with optimal ground improvement Before you break ground on a new structure, you need to analyze the structure of the ground. Expert… Read more »


Practical Guide to Diagnosing Structural Movement in Buildings

By Malcolm Holland Overview "What’s the Crack?" When cracking is observed in a building the most common reaction is that it must be the foundations and that it must be… Read more »


Natural Ventilation of Buildings: Theory, Measurement and Design

By David Etheridge Overview Natural ventilation is increasingly considered a prerequisite for sustainable buildings and is therefore in line with current trends in architecture and the construction industry. The design… Read more »


NGN Architectures, Protocols and Services

By Toni Janevski Overview This book provides comprehensive coverage of NGN (Next Generation Network) architectures, protocols and services. It covers the foundations of NGN such as Internet technologies (as defined… Read more »


Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling

By Erika Epstein Overview Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during a building’s lifecycle. Today, more and more architectural firms have adopted BIM… Read more »


Project Scheduling and Management for Construction

By David R. Pierce Jr. Overview For Contractors, Project Managers, Schedulers, Estimators, and Owners/Managers of Construction Firms . . . This is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow guide to construction project… Read more »


Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference Proceedings 2011

By Steve Redmond Overview Every two years, industry experts and practitioners from around the world gather at the prestigious Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC) to learn about the latest… Read more »


Design-Build Subsurface Projects 2e

By Gary S. Brierley Overview Design-Build construction has become so widely accepted that owners and their advisors must seriously consider this approach when making decisions about project delivery. With its… Read more »


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